Renature Labs accepted into Australia's leading deep-tech accelerator

- Cicada Innovations MedLab 2018/19

Renature Labs

Reshaping World Health Through Peptide Delivery Technology

Protecting and Delivering Peptides In the Human Body

Platform Technology

Works across all peptides.

Orally Available

Transforming peptides from injectables into edible tablets.

Natural and Safe

All natural, non-toxic and safe.

An Ocean Of Possibilities

Peptides are the organic building blocks of life, carrying out vital tasks in all living organisms.


With millions of naturally occurring peptides and even more synthetic possibilities.


They have immense potential to treat diseases and solve a myriad of world health issues.


Did You Know? Insulin is a Peptide

415 million diabetics world wide rely on daily insulin injections to maintain their blood sugar levels in a normal range.


Solving Peptide Fragility

The problem 

Peptides are simply too fragile to use as health treatments. They are either ineffective or must be injected (for example Insulin).  

86% of all known peptides cannot be taken orally since they rapidly degrade in the human body.


This is why insulin must be injected. 

A New Frontier

A World's 1st

ReNature Labs patented technology converts injectable peptides like insulin into orally available tablets.   


Our Solution

Our technology is a platform delivery system which can be used for all peptides, and a multitude of diseases. 


How Does It Work?

We are able to protect and deliver peptide drugs using natural proteins, to ensure their health benefit is delivered at 100% integrity up to 24 hours.




100% integrity up to 24 hours.

Cost Effective

Our method is easy and cost effective to scale manufacturing, using simple production methods.


Tuneable and time release within the human body, with different oscillating release profiles depending on the customers needs. 

Re-Shaping World Health

What Does This Mean For World Health?

  • Orally available peptides 
  • No more injections
  • Reduced cost of health treatments e.g. insulin


A highly effective, low cost and non toxic method to transform peptides has the potential to re-shape the world health.  

World Health

Opening up new worlds of peptides that were previously unavailable for health treatments.

No more injections

Removing the pain of injections.